Menopause Test Strips by ALLTEST

Menopause Test Strips by ALLTEST

  • £4.95

These are quick and easy to use urine test strips.

Each test strip is individually wrapped.

Instructions are included. A positive result is indicated by 2 or more consecutive positive test results over a 7-day interval. Perform 1 test at any time of day and repeat 7 days later.

The test strips measure FSH in the urine and are able to tell you whether the level is normal or elevated. There are multiple possible causes of elevated FSH, but the main one would be menopause. After menopause, FSH remains high for the remainder of life and therefore these tests will be positive in all post-menopausal women.

Customers whom are <45 years old and obtain a positive result should seek medical advice, especially if they are trying to concieve.