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10 x 6 in 1 Drug  Driving Test Kit for saliva

10 x 6 in 1 Drug Driving Test Kit for saliva

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Product Information:

10 indivually foil wrapped 6 drug oral fuid saliva drug testing kits.
The UKDT 6 in 1 drug testing kit quickly & easily tests for saliva sample for the follwing common drugs of abuse screened at roadside drug testing:Cannabis, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamine, Methaphetamine, Benzodiazepine
Tests for the parent THC. Detects Cannabis for up to 12 hours from last use.
• Individual result for each drug
• Error Free - Collection test and swab in 1 device.
• Less invasive than urine
•Test anywhere - anytime
• From collection to result in less than 5 minutes
• Easy, Fast and Accurate 1-step test
• Screens for the Delta 9 (?9) THC Component, not the metabolite.
• Full easy to follow drug testing instructions sent with every order.
• Ideal drug testing kits for employers to screen drivers for drugs that may impair their driving ability
Saliva drug testing kits

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