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DA5000 PROFESSIONAL Digital Breathalyser mg/100ml BAC display

DA5000 PROFESSIONAL Digital Breathalyser mg/100ml BAC display

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Product Information:

Latest 2015 model with even greater accuracy.
This is the only model in our range which displays BAC = Blood Alcohol Content directly (AL6000 and 7000 models now display mg/l Breath alcohol content)
Displays mg/100ml BAC (Blood Alcohol Content)

Ideal for Scotland as displays 050mg/100ml = 0.05%BAC = legal limit = Unit Alarm Pre-Set

Great accuracy. The DA5000 Digital Breathalyser offers superior testing. Highly recomended.
CE ROHS approved accurate professional breathalyser.
Light weight, High accuracy sampling 000 to 400mg/100ml Blood alcohol level display.
When accuracy matters these professional digital breathalyser offer 0.005% BAC at low alcohol levels.
UK Based Warranty,

Price shown includes presentation box, batteries, 6 mouth pieces, carry case
Add additional mouth piece covers as required
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